Self Esteem Hypnosis Script

This free ego strengthening script is a modern version of the classic hypnosis script for ego strengthening. An Ego Strengthening script is any hypnosis script aimed at increasing the client’s psychological strength, self esteem, their ‘ego strength’.
The original Hartland ego strengthening script was published by Dr John Hartland (1901-1977) in 1966. That ego strengthening script was considered revolutionary hypnosis because at that time a course of psycho-therapy typically took five to ten years, but his new ego strengthening technique was effective in ‘brief’ therapy, change in ‘as little as ten sessions’.
Modern hypnosis techniques are much faster now but the principles of Hartland’s Ego Strengthening script are still worth studying. What was different about Hartland’s Ego Strengthening script was its novel approach: it aimed to strengthen the client instead of weakening the symptoms.
Ego Strengthening Scripts are basically direct suggestion hypnosis scripts aimed at increasing the client’s confidence and self esteem. This modern version of the classic Ego Strengthening script follows the standard ego strengthening hypnosis principles but using updated hypnotic words and phrases.

Here is a version – by Ines:


this is a zip file – with 3 tracks . Track 1 is a set up to get you relaxed.  Track 2 is a deepener. Track 3 is Ines version of Hartland script



Hypnosis is an excellent way of increasing ego strength. Many successful hypnosis scripts actually work because they use the principles of ego strength. This ego strength hypnosis script systematically goes over each of the main areas that people lack confidence in. It builds up ego strength, or mental strength, sometimes called resiliency, by reminding the client of their own strength, reminding them that they have the ability to take control and that taking control is their major strength. It teaches them that having choices is the same as having control. The script then goes over how to deal with relationship issues, health worries, and gives them the confidence that they can deal with whatever the future brings. That is what ego strength means, confidence in dealing with the future and increased self esteem.


Memory   When you think about how you are now… what you feel… about what bothers you… you might want to think about how those feelings get sustained… what keeps it there… how it survives…   Dissociation
Rule   Because when you think about it… the things that annoy you, bother you… upset you… limit you… can only do so if you allow them to… isn’t that so? D Truism & Tag
Memory   So in a way a problem only exists if you allow it to exist… any problem that you can choose to ignore… is no longer a problem… is it? I Truism
Identity   So… from now on…you can think about your problems in a different way… and think about yourself differently…. and every day become more aware… in many different ways… that it is how you choose to think about your problems that is the problem… how you choose to adopt a problem… that determines the outcome of the problem… Reframing
Behaviour   and as you do that … you are becoming aware of choices… D Imprecision
Capability   You can choose… Every day, every moment… You have a choice D Imprecision
Capability   Changing how you choose to think about things, changes how you feel about things. Changing how you feel about them, changes how you feel about yourself. And that’s an interesting thing to think about, isn’t it? D Tag
Capability   From now on you can go beyond the surface of your problems, recognizing them for what they are… you can dismiss them and spend time thinking about what you really want to do… the things that are important in your life…. the things that are permanent…. you can choose what to think about… about what matters to you…   All options
Capability   You can choose to focus on what is important to you…. the important things… the lasting things… D Reframing
    …for it is your own mind that directs your thoughts… your feelings… and choosing what you think about means that your mind can learn to enjoy that inner peace that comes from focusing on the good things of life…  
    And because you can decide what to think about… you know that nobody else can really influence how you feel… or make you worry about how you look… or what you say…. unless you let them. You and only you can choose what influences you…    
Capability   You no longer worry about what other people think…. or say… or do. They have chosen how they want to feel…. just as you are now choosing to take control of how you feel. D  
Behavior   From now on… you will be able to think… much more clearly… you will be able to concentrate much more easily… than you did before… all these things, you will be able to do… much more easily now.    
Memory   You can forget about those things that used to bother you. More and more, you recognize that other people’s ideas and needs are not your problem any more.    
Rule   How you feel has nothing to do with other people. They cannot influence you. The only person who matters is you. The only person whose opinion counts, is you. And you have complete control over that. D  
    And because you are taking control… from now on … you will begin to see your personal life is improving… each day, each week is bringing something to look forward to, something new and better.    
Capability   You can see a bright future for yourself. Things are getting better now. D Visualization
    Other people will see these changes you are thinking about… and you will notice changes in yourself, your outlook, your thinking. You can look forward to other people noticing.   Positive Visualization
Memory   Because throughout your lifetime… you have made many changes… haven’t you? Most of them have just been natural… like the way you changed from a baby to a child… then from a teenager to an adult… natural, easy, automatic…   Reinforce experience
Capability   Change can be natural, easy, automatic. You can change. D  
    And you can make other changes… you have made other changes already… lots of them… haven’t you? You have changed addresses… or the type of work … the people you spend time with….   Reinforce experience
Capability   You can choose to change any part of your life. D  
    So the changes you will be making from now… for your own good… will come easily to you… for you know that you can make these, positive… lasting… and welcome changes.    
    And as these changes are happening now, you find you are more confident in everything that you do… more assured… and much more at ease with the decisions that you are making… both now… and in the future.    
    And you know… all those things… that you used to worry about… probably will never happen    
    Even if some things turn out to be wrong… it does not matter… because you have the confidence now, you can cause things to change… and you are comfortable with change… and time will bring more change and you know you can use that change…    
Capability   Because you have that capability now, you know what’s important, and what you can safely ignore. And seeing things more clearly now gives you confidence.    
Behavior   From this moment on, you become more aware of your health…. Your health is important … from now on it is something you think about every day… you will pay much more attention to your body… from now on you eat sensibly… get to bed regularly… rise at a set time every day…. exercise every day…. D Health
Capability   You can choose the level of health you want… a healthy mind in a healthy body…. You deserve to be strong and healthy. D  
    Every day… you are becoming more positive towards yourself.. and your appearance reflects that… from now on you care about yourself… you care about how your are dressed, about how you appear to others… you care about looking your best at all times… about your clothes, your hair, your nails … and doing that will make your attitude to others change…. your self respect is increasing every day… D Appearance
Capability   You can choose to look good… you increase your self respect by noticing that other people respect you.
By dressing like a winner, you are a winner
    And as you become aware of these things happening, you are becoming a stronger person… in your own mind… in your resolve… and you know somehow, that these things… are going to go on happening… exactly as they should be… and those changes just feel right….    
Memory   So take a few moments now… relax even deeper… and as you do so you are allowing your mind to accept a new way of seeing things, allowing your mind to examine your memories… to become aware of your many strengths… for your mind has managed changes before… for your own good… and you have always been able to make the changes you need… you have that ability and as you relax there your mind can remember those times when you used those abilities well.    
    And as you are relaxing there, you can be thinking about what you want to have happen next…. developing more confidence in yourself … becoming more and more comfortable with your own opinions… . more aware of your feelings… and how good it is to be open to those feelings… and relaxing can be so enjoyable… and yet many changes can be happening at the same time.    
    So take as long as you like to consider these things, and what you want to have happen, and how best to make it happen, and how soon you want to enjoy those changes.    
    And when you are ready …. you can come back to the present… awake and alert and ready to move on.    



The ego strengthening script is usually part of a longer hypnotherapy session. Most hypnotherapy scripts are in fact ego strengthening scripts aimed at increasing self esteem and resistance to stressful events. Ego strengthening scripts are effective for many stress and anxiety problems.