C. Rapid Induction

Note – words in underlined bold italics are directions for the hypnotist and are not meant to be said out loud.

Doing this rapid induction is very easy. As said before, you need to first establish the Hypnotic Contract with the client, as follows:

• “Are you ready to go into a nice deep state of hypnosis now?”

You wait for their acknowledgment of “Yes, I am” and then do the 1st part of the induction — the Set Up. Remember the three parts of an induction that you learned in your basic training. Even Rapid inductions also have three parts. Essentially(1) you set it up by telling your client what you’re going to do; (2) then you do the induction; and (3) you then take control of the situation.

To do this, first hold the client’s hand in your upturned palm and say:

• “Now, in a moment I’m going to gently snap my fingers in front of your eyes  and when I do, just allow your eyes to SNAP shut.” (Note the emphasis on the word “Snap.”)

• “Let yourself enter a nice deep state of hypnosis.”

(Ines will also say the word “sleep” even though she knows hypnosis is not sleep but the client’s mind knows it means a sleep of the nervous body.)

• “Just let it happen. Your mind knows exactly where to go.”

Now, snap you fingers and say the word “SLEEP” and simultaneously shock the body by rapidly, but gently, pulling your hand out from under the client’s hand. That is an unexpected and surprising experience for them and it takes their attention off of what you’re saying to them and they will usually immediately drop into a trance.

Of course, they can also pop right out of the trance too, so it’s important that as soon as the client goes into trance, you take control and deepen them by keeping your “patter” going and telling them to “go deeper” and that they’re “doing fine” which keeps them directly engaged with you.

Jerry Kein patter

Now let that wonderful feeling of relaxation flow through ever muscle nerve and fiber of your being.

With every gentle breath you go deeper and deeper.


Now in a moment I will count to three and you will emerge and open your eyes

1 – feeling wonderful
2- feeling marvelous and rejuvenated
3- Feeling completely refreshed and fully alert
Open your eyes