CONFUSIONAL INDUCTION- Author unknown, revised by Ines Simpson BCH CI

Just close your eyes ifyou would and let your mind drift where it will.

You are aware of everything, yet you are not aware. You are listening with your subconscious mind, while your conscious mind may be far away, and not listening. Allow your conscious mind to be far away and not listening. Your subconscious mind is totally aware and listening. Your subconscious mind knows, and because your subconscious knows, You conscious mind doesn’t need to know and can stay completely at rest, and not mind while subconscious mind stays completely wide aware.

You have much potential in your subconscious mind which you don’t have in your conscious mind. You can remember everything that has happened with your subconscious mind, but you cannot remember everything with your conscious mind. You can forget so easily, and with forgetting certain things you can remember other things. Remembering what you need to remember, and forgetting what you can forget. It doesn’t matter what you forget, you need not remember what you can forget. Your subconscious mind remembers while your conscious mind stays deeply at rest and forgets. Listen with your subconscious mind, and when you are listening very, very carefully, your conscious mind will not mind what it forgets, because you subconscious mind will remember what it has forgotten.

As you continue to listen to me, with your subconscious mind, your conscious mind rests ….DEEPER…DEEPER… and DEEPER. Let your conscious mind stay completely, deeply at rest, and let your subconscious mind listen to me.


The basic message of this induction is conscious forgetting and subconscious remembering and knowing. This message is drawn out and repeated, separating the directions for the conscious and subconscious mind maintain the subconscious minds attention and at the same time dismisses the conscious mind’s attention, both by suggestion and through mental fatigue. The client goes into trance to escape the annoyance of trying to analyze the words.

I use this induction as both an induction and a deepener with analytical, and hypervigilant clients.