When you read a script please don’t believe that old myth about using a monotone droning voice. You are speaking to the subconscious mind, the feeling part of the mind, use the feeling and use some of that innate acting ability we all have. SUPPORT THAT PERSON WITH YOUR VOICE AND EMOTION.

When you finished reading the script you start compounding (the most important rule of suggestion). So start by reading the most important concept in each paragraph of the script. You can write these on a separate piece of paper if you like and cross them off as you go.

Read each sentence, then go back and read every second sentence, then go back and read every third sentence.

Compound as much as possible. Then you may want to do the direct drive technique that Gerry Kein teaches. You state a simple suggestion for at least 15 times, more if you can stand it. I suggest that if you are working on something you do a lot of you tape these so you do them, because we are all human and we’ll get tired of saying the same thing. Don’t short change your client because you sound boring to yourself—the client in hypnosis is fine, it is you that will think you sound silly. So be a great hypnotist and dot all your I’s and cross all your T’s.



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