Ideal situations  – remember the video of Jerry’s First office – Noise dust and dark etc. Also at one time he conducted quick sessions with the clients standing up!



1) Subdued Lighting is best – (clients pre- conceptions of a relaxing atmosphere)

2) Colours – subdued – light or neutral

3) Temperature slightly on the warm osde – people tend to become cool in hypnosis – but not always!

4) Eliminate (be aware of) odours

a. Breath

b. Hair spray

c. Incense

d. Perfume

5) Music – ideally none

6) No drugs or alcohol (your and the clients!). If they seem inebriated ask them to come back another time

7) Ideally a recliner chair (expectation again)

8) Ask the client to wear lose comfortable clothing to the session

9) Ask the client (gently) to keep arms and legs uncrossed – as limbs become heavy and in hypnosis can appear to the client as great weights

10) 10 Ask the client if they would like to remove their glasses