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We can go ahead and relax you mentally and physically much more, but it really is…..Not that necessary. Because to learn the secrets of control over our bodies doesn’t require that we become physical or mental zombies. It requires that our mind is open to accept the positive suggestion of learning…..That I am now going to teach you. You are going to learn how to hypnotize yourself beautifully and simply.

I’d like you to do this…..Allow yourself to use that powerful ability to imagine that nature has given you. If you are a visual person…..Make a picture. Some people aren’t…but if you are…make a picture…If on the other hand you aren’t you can imagine. If I were to ask to imagine your car if you are visual…you’d see it and if you aren’t it would still be there in your imagination. So imagine or visualize what I’m about to tell you. I’ll say Imagine from now on and it will mean either visualize or imagine.

I’m about to describe two things to you and I’d like you to imagine it strongly or picture it with great clarity! Don’t question it- success depends on following these instructions.

Now this is the most important thing you’re going to learn. So imagine and seal these next suggestions within you with more acceptance than anything else you’ve ever done in your life.

Imagine yourself at the top of a long staircase. It extends straight down in front of you. As you look down the staircase…decorate it in any way you wish…it’s your staircase. Allow it to be safe and well lit. There’s something very unusual about this staircase of yours…..And that is that it never seems to end…it just goes on and on. That’s because this is a stairway of relaxation…and we’ve never found an end to a person’s ability to relax. Now it’s important that you allow yourself to accept the next suggestion…..that from this moment on when you’re in this beautiful state…..Every gentle breath you exhale…..Guides you deeper and…..deeper. Every breath takes you down another step of your beautiful staircase. Every breath…..takes you down…more…..and more. Seal that within you. Accept it with your whole being…..Because it will give you the ability…to improve your life in so many ways.

First imagine your brain…..and imagine that coming down from the base of your brain is a fairly thick electrical cable…..Maybe about the size of your pinkie finger. After it comes down about one inch…..imagine that it goes into a light switch…an ordinary light switch like you have in your home…..Now imagine the cable coming out of the bottom of the switch. The jacket, the cover of the cable opens up…..and from it, flows hundreds of itsy-bitsy tiny wires…..that flow and connect to every muscle and cell of your body that’s not needed for the continued function of all the systems of your body—from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. This switch has three positions…..On, off and a middle position. Right now we’ll work with only two of the positions.

In a moment I’m going to ask you to move your switch from the “on”……position…..Down…..To the “off” position.

Now…here’s the suggestion I need you to accept… must allow yourself to accept it…..if you want to be able to powerfully program yourself quickly and easily. When you move the switch down to the “off” position…’ll accept the suggestion you voluntarily, without any questions…..block all the electrical current from your brain to every muscle in your body not needed for continued survival. INSTANTLY…..Every muscle goes dormant…..unable to move…no matter how hard you might try.

Should I ask you to try to lift a hand, a finger or open your eyes or even speak…..when your switch is “off”…..nothing works. Make that your reality…..With this understanding…..That this is your switch. You can turn it on or off whenever you want to….BUT…you need to accept the suggestion that when it’s “off”…..all the muscles of your body grow completely dormant, unable to move.

Now when you allow that you’re going to notice something else…..another benefit comes in. If there’s the slightest stress or tension in you anyplace, instantly when you move that switch off….that can no longer exist!…and you feel yourself going many times deeper relaxed.

All right now…..In your mind…grab hold of that switch that you’ve created…..Now firmly move it to the “off” position…..shutting down every muscle, every nerve, every fiber.….blocking the electrical current in that switch just as if you turned the light switch off…the lights go off…and feel your body relax much deeper. Now if you accepted my suggestions right now every muscle…..that’s not needed for continued survival… totally shut down, unable to move… matter how hard you may try.

Because this is the most important part of your training…..allow yourself to accept this…I’m going to find out if it’s your reality! With your light switch in the…”off” position…..blocking all electrical current to every muscle in your body…..try to lift your right hand. (Pause). Wonderful!!! Stop trying and go much deeper.

With your switch still in the “off” position…..Try to lift your left hand (Pause) Great- you’re doing wonderful! Stop trying and go deeper.

So now we know that your left brain and your right brain have accepted the suggestion. Now for the ultimate test. Know that the light switch being in the “off”position blocks all electrical current. Believe it with all of your heart. Seal it within you.

With the light switch in “off” position blocking all electrical current…..try and open your eyes. (Pause) GREAT!! Stop trying and go much deeper. You’re doing beautifully.

The secret to this technique… that when your switch is off…..that you know, it’s not a matter of believing, it’s a matter of knowing…..that you shut down the movement in all the muscles of your body.


Now I’m going to teach you how to go back into this state completely by yourself. But before I do, I’m going to give you some instructions. In the next week you’re going to be practicing a lot…..and this is very important…..When your switch is “off”…UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES…..are you ever to override the suggestion, that every muscle in your body is turned off.

Now when you are practicing you’ll discover that you get an itchy nose or someone comes to the door or you’re not in total comfort for some reason…..And that’s okay…you move your switch back to the “on” position and then do whatever is needed…then move your switch to the “off” again. A little later I’ll teach you about a middle position.

Your switch is your tool. You never override…..the light switch. When it’s off…..You’re off…no exceptions. You need to accept it and have this wonderful tool available to you…..It’s your switch and you can turn it off and on whenever you want to.

All right…..This is how you are going to enter this state…..But first I’m going to give you a couple of safety suggestions, because each time you enter this state you’re going to find you go tremendously deeper than the time before. So you’re only going to practice in a safe and comfortable position…..Like the chair you’re in or on your bed etc. Don’t do it anywhere you might fall off. As you get more and more relaxed and go deeper and deeper each time you need to be in a safe and comfortable position.

Second…..You give yourself a time limit. You say to yourself…out loud or in your mind “I’m going into deep self-hypnosis for…..And you’re going to say a time. For practice we are going to use 30 seconds. When you are practicing this week- I’d like you to vary the time…30 seconds, a minute…maybe two. To make this very strong within you, you need to practices at least ten times a day for the first week. At 30 seconds this would take all of five minutes a day…..You deserve at least 5 minutes a day for yourself…..Don’t you?? (Pause…..get an affirmative answer.)

When you have the intent of going into hypnosis you turn your switch off and your eyes close down…..And you go right back to this beautiful place. When you have the intent of going into hypnosis—I would like you to allow your eyes to automatically close when you turn your switch off and open when you turn your switch on. You don’t have to worry about going into hypnosis accidently as the connection of your switch and your eyes only happens when you have the…..INTENT…..of going back into hypnosis.

When you have the intent of going to hypnosis you tell yourself a time limit…..turn your switch off…..allowing your eyes to automatically close…..going right back to this wonderful place…..shutting down every muscle, nerve and fiber.

Then you do nothing. Do not think of the time…..that would foul you up…..Just enjoy that wonderful place and just…be…..The first few times we practice I’ll tell you when your 30 seconds are up and to turn on your switch. Then later you’ll do it yourself. Your subconscious mind can tell time better than your conscious mind ever could. It’ll give you a feeling…a hunch…that the time is up. Then you just turn your switch on…grow fully alert…feeling fantastic.

So let’s review that…

1. You’re in a safe and comfortable place

2. You give yourself a time limit—say to yourself “I’m going into self-hypnosis now for 30 seconds”

3. You turn your switch off and automatically you allow your eyes to close

4. You go into a deep state of hypnosis—each time deeper than the time before

5. Don’t think of anything on purpose…’ll always have thoughts…just don’t create them…just let them flow through

6. I’ll tell you your times up…..You then turn your switch on returning to a fully alert state feeling wonderful

7. After we’ve practiced a few times your subconscious will nudge you when you’re 30 seconds is up

All right on the count of three and not before…..move your switch to the on position…..Allow your eyes to open and we’ll practice…..and notice how good you feel. 1 2 3 switch on…..Feels good doesn’t it.

*The most important thing now is to get the switch off.

*You can repeat directions again to the conscious mind.

*Practice 3-5 times—then ask after you emerge the client…Do you feel like you got your light switch off? If no, keep practicing. If yes say: I’d like you now to enter self-hypnosis without giving yourself a time limit and I’ll emerge you when it’s time.

*After they enter the state say:

Now I want to speak to your subconscious mind… can listen with your conscious mind if you want to…..But it’s your subconscious mind I want to talk to.

When (CLIENT’S NAME) tells you a time…’re to do the time exactly. If he/she tells you 30 seconds that doesn’t mean 29 or 31 seconds…it means 30. If he/she tells you a minute, it doesn’t mean 59 seconds or 61…..It means 60 seconds. You are to follow his/her instructions instantly.

Now listen very carefully to me. You’re doing beautifully, you’re going to do fantastic. You are now going to put your mind to school. This next week you are to practice the time limit technique…..and you’re going to practice 10 times a day for the next 7 days…..minimum. Now that may sound like a lot…..But really it isn’t…if the time is 30 seconds…..that takes up 5 minutes…if it were a minute it would be 10. I know you’re willing to invest that amount of time in yourself…..TRUE??… (Get commitment).

*(HERE you adjust according to the type of client- childbirth, pain etc.)

You’re going to listen to your CD at least once a day and more if you like. I’ll show you how to use it. It’s very easy. You’ll notice that the more you listen to the tape the better you get….the deeper you go…..the more you get proficient at achieving change. (Adjust this patter as needed).

Now if you follow these instructions and practices 10 times a day for the first week…you’ll find this tool will be yours for as long as you utilize it…because just like an unused muscle it can become weak if not flexed.

*Give written instructions.

*Keep practicing with the client until they become proficient—At least 15 to 20 times. You can change time if you like.