A. Dave Elman Induction as Revised by Ines Simpson Using Fractionation

Note – words in underlined bold italics are directions for the hypnotist and are not meant to be said out loud.

Give the pre-induction pre-talk ( page ? )

• “Take a deep breath – just letting go of any external tension, that’s it”

• “Now focus on your eyelids if you would… and allow the muscles in your eyelids to go completely LOOSE… LIMP… AND LAZY… AND.. when you know that your eyelids are so, so loose… sooo limp… soooo lazy…… sooooo relaxed you allow them to no longer work

• “Give your eyelids a good test, allow your eyebrows to move so I know you’re testing….. (watch for the client trying to lift their eyelids – then say:) good, stop testing… and… send that same quality of relaxation from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Imagine a blanket of relaxation just wrapping you in complete comfort… GREAT!”

• “We are now going to deepen the state of relaxation you are enjoying”

• “IN A MOMENT… I am going to ask you to open your eyes… and this is how we will do it… (Remember to use your hand to pass up and down in their line of vision, throughout.) I’m going to count to three. On the count of three please open your eyes, then I’ll gently snap my fingers as an indication to close your eyes and double the relaxation. 1… 2… 3… open (gentle snap) and down. Double that relaxation. 1… 2… 3… open (gentle snap) and down. Twice as deep now, and again. 1… 2… 3… open (gentle snap) and down. Deeper and deeper down.” (If you like, use fractionation test while counting.)

• “IN A MOMENT… I’m going to pick up your hand by the thumb.” (Or by the wrist, the sweater, whatever suits the situation.)

• “I don’t want you to help me because if you do, you’ll have to remove that wonderful relaxation and allow the stress to come back into those muscles. When I pick up your arm I’d like it to be absolutely limp, just like a rag doll.” (Test for limpness, make sure you have it before you go on.)

• “GREAT! Now we have all the physical relaxation we need.”

• “In a moment I’m going to show you how to attain mental relaxation by allowing your mind to be totally aware and clear.”

• “You’re doing wonderfully!”

• “IN A MOMENT… I’m going to ask you to slowly count backwards from 100… allowing the relaxation of your mind to double. 100… 99…. 98…… and by the time you’ve said a few numbers you just allow them to relax right out of your mind. Start with the idea of making it happen and just let it happen.”

• “Start counting please, out loud, backwards now.”

• “100 – double the relaxation.”

• “99 – start letting them fade.”

• “98 – push them out.”

• “97 – let them be gone.” (GO UNTIL NUMBERS ARE GONE.)

• “All Gone? Great now go deeper.” (Do not ask – are the numbers gone?)

• Deepen their state further and continue with session.”

This counting backwards in the Elman induction is a built-in test to make sure that the client is in Somnambulism. From Somnambulism you will establish the ideomotor controls with the client that are later used in the Esdaile intercommunication technique, so it is very important that you move the client into Somnambulism before setting up the ideomotor controls.

When you do the pre-induction talk it is unlikely tht the client will hang on to the numbers but in the event the client does not eliminate the numbers, you can move into doing the beach deepener. Make sure you first ask your client whether they like the beach. If they do, then go straight to the Beach Deepener and Somnambulism Test in section VI, C which is another means of taking them into Somnambulism. If you use the deepener because the client hasn’t lost the numbers, make sure the transition is smooth, never allow the client to feel they failed.



B. Dave Elman Induction as Revised by Ines Simpson Using Kinesthetic Visual and Auditory Deepening in One

Note – words in underlined bold italics are directions for the hypnotist and are not meant to be said out loud.


• “Please allow yourself to close your eyes now and allow them to go loose limp and lazy….that’s right!” Watch the client’s face and watch for the loosening of the eyes. Now say, “when they are sooo loose ,sooo lazy, and you allow that relaxation to stay there… give your eyes a good test. Let your eyebrows move so I know you are doing that. Watch your clients for testing and quickly say, “wonderful…. stop testing and let the same quality of relaxation flow from the top of your head to the very tips of your toes.”

• “In a moment, I am going to touch you on the shoulder lightly and I am going to count from 10 down to 1. I would like you to imagine or pretend that you’re going downward, using something comfortable for you. Some people use stairs, a path to the beach or maybe even a waterslide. Pick something comfortable for you in your mind’s eye with intention now and let your mind take you there. Here we go.” Press gently on the client’s shoulder when they exhale.

• “10, your mind just doubles the relaxation with each breath. That’s it.”

• “9, deeper down.”

• “8… 7… 6 …”

• “5, your mind just does it for you … deeper with each breath.”

• “4 … 3 … 2 … all the way down now.”

• “1”

• “In a moment, I am going to pick up your hand by the thumb and I ask you to allow the arm to stay loose and limp like a ragdoll. See if you can allow me to pick it up all by myself. I can easily lift your arm a couple of inches all by myself and you can keep the relaxation you created in your arm.” Lift the arm making sure that your client allows it to be loose limp and lazy. If they are still helping you, tell them to stop helping and just let it go as if they were dropping the arm to their lap.

• “Wonderful! As I gently drop it go deeper.”

• “In a moment I will show how to get your mind calm and totally aware. I am going to ask you to count backwards from 100 out loud like this: 100 … (give indirect suggestion by inhaling and exhaling deeply between numbers) 99 … 98 … Your mind will double the depth between each number. Just want it, and it will happen for you. After a few numbers, your mind will just let the numbers fade.”

• “Start counting please, out loud, backwards now.” (numbers are client’s words)

• “100 … double the depth of hypnosis.”

• “99 … start letting them fade.”

• “98 … let them go.”

• “97 … let them be gone.” Go until the numbers fade .but do not let them go too far-I would not let them get past ninety-at this point transition in to the beach deepener

• “All Gone? Great and go deeper.”