Good example of a stage hypnotist:


Stage Hypnosis and ‘Regular’ Hypnosis follow the same rules. Instead of a pre- talk the stage hypnotist creates – anticipation, authority and expectation – with pre advertising and their name awareness.

The Stage Hypnotist, unlike the Hypnotherapist, is not out to help or change anyone – they are there for entertainment – so their main concern is ‘the show’

The Stage Hypnotist will use ‘tricks’ and ‘setups’ to select from the audience the best people for the “show”

The people who ‘volunteer’ to go up on stage are typically outgoing and want to be onstage – and also typically are excited to be ‘allowed’ to do things they would not normally do. They are being creative!


Hypnotism is hypnotism – whether you start with a rapid induction or instant induction – it’s merely a question of wat you wish to create with the hypnotism that changes the way it is used.

A stage hypnotist wants to create entertainment. A hypnotherapist wishes to create change or healing outcomes.

Here is an example of Ines Simpson using a ‘stage’ instant induction