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for smoking cessation

Author unknown


I’d like you to know that should ever become physically or mentally uncomfortable you can re-adjust your physical position without disturbing the deep level of hypnosis you are enjoying at the moment.

The next suggestion that I’d like you to allow yourself to accept is; that each time you allow yourself to be hypnotized, you go more deeply and more quickly into hypnosis than the time before. Just allow yourself to drift even deeper into that place of calm control as you focus on my voice and allow yourself to accept all these positive suggestions and experience the benefit of your time herewith me…..

Allow yourself now to become aware of your breathing. It‘s a fact that you are now a non- –smoker… because you would rather breath than smoke…. And as you continue to breathe more deeply and easily, you notice you become even more deeply relaxed and calm……you focus on my voice so that the sound of these words building one upon another strengthen your desire…your determination…and your self-control as a non-smoker. And so it is….. because you really are a non-smoker, and your belief in that fact grows stronger and stronger with each…..clean, clear, calm breath you take.

In a moment, I’m going to count to three and when I reach that last # I’d like you to imagine, visualize or pretend that your body has become…transparent, just like it were made of glass. Allow it to maintain your silhouette…. But appear perfectly transparent in every way. All right…1..2..3…. Allow your body and mind now to appear transparent in your imagination…. And allow this transparent container to fill, from the toes up with comfortable…. warm …. soothing…pleasing green colored liquid. Allow to move soothingly up from your toes into your legs and up into the trunk of your body….calming and relaxing you continuously more and more as it flows through the trunk of your body and into….your stomach and chest area soothing every muscle ….every sinew…. Every every organ…total emersing every cell every atom …. in this soothing, healing green colored liquid. This warm calming, healing …green colored liquid continues to up into your body spilling down into your arms,… filling first your fingers, with that warm soothing green colored liquid….then into your hands and arms… until a reaches your …and they let go completely…now.

This soothing green colored liquid continues to soothingly flow into your neck, releasing any tightness or tension that’s left there…now into your jaw, slackening and releasing the jaw muscles, filling your head…moving easily and comfortably through your sinuses and even into the brain calming and doubling the relaxation of your mind…. Flowing through your head now as if it were even coating every hair follicle…. Soothing your entire scalp…. With that soothing green colored liquid….so that it changes the chemical activity of every cell of your entire body so that they are changed and completely cleansed.

Washed away is the urge, the need, the very desire …the vey impulse to smoke. In fact it’s as if you’ve forgotten that you ever were a smoker to begin with….

Now I’d like you to concentrate on your lungs….for it’s here that that healing, soothing…. green liquid is working like thousands of scrubbing bubbles….working to cleanse your lungs of all the tar….and…nicotine….working to clear out the toxins out of your lungs ….suspends it all in that green colored liquid. Allow yourself to imagine how it feels as these scrubbing bubbles work away to rid your lungs of all this unwanted chemicals and debris…..It’s true ….as the one responsible for putting these impurities in your body… are also responsible for cleaning them out…… so concentrate once again on your lungs…… imagine yourself inside your lungs inspecting their condition from the inside……Use your imagination now and create any tools you need to clean them. Imagine that’ it’s your job to clean them now while I’m quiet for a moment……(about 40 sec.) Very good…. And as you clean them speak to them in soft loving way….telling them you would rather breathe than smoke……and watch them in your imagination now as they return to a healthy pink color….and so it is.

Now I’d like you to turn your attention to other parts of your body….. Imagine that traveling down the length of your spine. …Right down to your tailbone…. The nerves of your nervous system terminating there. Your nerves are like the strong fibers of a thick rope…. A rope that is frayed and the fibres eroded of their natural….protective…. coating. It’s true that the chemicals in the cigarettes have eroded their protective coating…but… you can repair the damage….because in that soothing green liquid is a healing salve. Use your imagination now and think of yourself as coating the fibres with that wonderful healing salve…to cover and coat your nerves. Allow yourself to now imagine feeling the salve soothing and calming your nerves…now as you coat and cover all your nerves from the top of your tailbone right up the nervous system …right up into the brain. As you work your way up your spinal column, you coat every fiber soothing and relaxing all your nerves as you go……. While I’m silent once again….. ( 40 secs or so). Very Good, you have traveled up the entire nervous system and coated each and every nerve, so that now you have arrived at the brain….. You are now in the part of the brain that holds your very own memory bank. This is the control room for your day to day routines…..every habit you possess is controlled from this room. Now, observing the room allow yourself to notice the fibers of your nerve endings fanning out and separating and connecting to the control panel. Imagine each fiber as a thin…thin… strand with a light pulsating within it. Each strand with it’s pulsating light connects into a massive control panel, it may even take up an entire wall. Allow yourself to notice that the transparent fibers are connected and ….very carefully labeled. You instinctively know which connections represent the associations to the smoking habit. These fibers are connected in one area of the control panel. Understand and know that by disconnected the strandsand allowing the light to go out you disconnect yourself physically, mentally and emotionally from that old outdated habit.. All you need to do to break free is to disconnect the associations that represent the cigarettes of your day. And so it is….. since you decided you’d rather breathe than smoke it’s important you disconnect each and every one. I’ll mention the associations and as they pertain to you…….I’d like you to reach into your mind with your imagination and disconnect the fiber…..and stop smoking. As you disconnect each fiber allow the pulsating light to go out and as it stops the so the impulse for smoking stops.

Reach into your mind now and sever the strand that is associated to the first cigarette of the day .Disengage it now and allow the light to go out…and stop smoking. If in the past there was an association to caffeine, be it coffee …tea.. or colas…sever that strand now….the light goes out a….and stop smoking. If you associated cigarettes with breakfast or a morning snack….. reach into your mind with your imagination and stop smoking. Maybe you associated smoking with driving a vehicle….sever the strand and stop smoking. If talking on a phone of any kind is connected to cigarettes …sever the strand now and stop smoking.

If you associate smoking with your job, place of work or just your workplace in the home or where you volunteer…..sever the strand….. allow the light to go out …. And stop smoking. Now think about the association your smoking habit may have with lunch. It could be before, during or after the meal, it could be at home, at work or in a restaurant or anywhere else. …. Sever the strand now and stop smoking. With each severed strand , you feel more and more in control ….as the pulsating lights go out…the memories of smoking become further and further from your mind. Gaining more control as you disconnect more and more associations to the past, old, outdated habit.

If certain emotions triggered the smoking in the past…such as boredom, loneliness, sadness……or when you were happy …..angry …..anxious…..nervous…..guilty or any other negative or positive emotion of any kind…sever all the strands now…. I’ll be quiet for a moment for a moment while you allow all the lights to go and disconnect all smoking associations to emotion. (pause 40 secs).

If you associated cigarettes to any sport or activity such as golf,…. curling,…. Hunting ……fishing…bingo. ….whatever the activity sever those strands now and stop smoking. ….Because you would rather breathe than smoke!

Soon…far sooner than you would ever have thought …. It’s as if you never smoked. It’s as if you forget that you’ve ever even had that old outdated past habit.

If you associated smoking with any type of alcohol….reach in and sever that strand now….and stop smoking. If you associated smoking with reading the newspaper, typing, working on the computer, or any or pastime or hobby…… reach in ,use that powerful imagination and sever those strands now….and stop smoking.

If there is a cigarette connected to the evening meal or evening snack …or both….be it before …after…or even during sever those strands now.

You may have a favorite cigarette of your evening( adjust this patter according to clients answer in the intake concerning cigarettes they enjoy) associated with your routine….sever that strand now and stop smoking.

The last cigarette of your day…. Sever this strand now…and stop smoking.

Now Id like you to check….. if there were to be any associations left……what would they be……. Take a moment now and sever any strands I may have missed and stop smoking….. while I m quiet for a moment.

After you’ve made sure all the lights are out and all the strands are disconnected from the panel and double checked …If there’s anything there disconnect it ….and now that all the strands are disconnected from the control panel…..each and every light has dimmed and gone out…know that you are free, forever….from any impulse…. Of any control that cigarettes had on you in the past….you are FREE…. And you stay free. Allow that control panel to dissolve now in your imagination …. As that warm ,soothing ,green liquid encompasses it all .

As it cleanses your entire body ….it washes you clean of any desire, any impulse , any urge or even the very thought of smoking. You may even allow yourself to leave that memory that you smoked ….at all…. Behind you… as if it never was. And so it is.

Automatically now…release some valves in the tips of your fingers and toes …. and as they open that green colored liquid begins to flow out of your body carrying with it all the debris….the murky sludge….. the filth and toxins from Inside the body. ( pause for a few seconds)

Allow yourself to feel a …strong feeling of satisfaction and breathe a deep sigh of relief (take a deep sigh and let it –giving indirect suggestion.)…knowing that the inside of the body is now rid of all that old residue and is on the way to regenerate all the new cells that are needed to make you a healthy non-smoker. Your body allows the cells to regenerate back to way they were before you ever started smoking.

If for some reason a thought or urge to smoke should try to sneak in all you have to do…. ( do this with them) .. is take a deep breath………and think to yourself …..I am a non-smoker ….. and as you do …. That small almost unnoticeable urge disappears and you feel free and in control as the healthy non-smoker that you are.

(Go into Direct Drive Technique) Now I’d like you to repeat after me…… in your own mind…… With vigor and deep feeling ….. “ I am a healthy non-smoker for the rest of my life” . allow yourself to really get into…remember the subconscious is your feeling level mind. As you repeat these words …they build one upon the other to reinforce your desire to be and stay a non smoker for the rest of your life. These words reinforce your, determination…your self control…and it grows stronger and stronger within you. Allow your mind to lock around this suggestion so it becomes you ….. Each time you repeat the words say them louder and louder within your own mind so they grow stronger and stronger within you. Okay here we go.. (turn on the the tape and watch your client, now according to suggestibility factors …they’ll respond anywhere from just sitting there to really starting to yell it out loud.)

And this is so…. YOU are a non-smoker…. And these words are communicated to every level of your mind, making your determination grow stronger…and stronger….. becoming stronger…and stronger with each breath you take.





Now I would like you to imagine or visualize smoking over the years and answer these questions. Simply nod yes or no to the questions.

· Has smoking ever been harmful or potentially harmful to your body?

· Do you really want to quit smoking?

· Check every part of your mind now to see if there’s any resistance left to the idea of you being a non-smoker. Can you see any?

· Now one last thing, Do you believe that with your motivation and this program you can become a non-smoker one day at a time?

· Now, Can you be a non-smoker for just one day?

The good news is you only have to be a non-smoker for one day…for one day at a time! You needn’t concern yourself with next week, or next year. Just be a non-smoker for the rest of today – go to bed as a non-smoker feeling justifiably proud of yourself, and as you awaken at the proper time each and every day you make that commitment to be a non-smoker for that day no matter what happens, where you are or who you’re with. Whether you’re having a great day, a bad day or something in between, you make the commitment to not smoke.

In fact, as you look at yourself in the bathroom mirror, or any mirror at all, you commit to being a non-smoker – no matter what the day brings, good or bad – “I am a non-smoker”. There are no excuses left!


Now on the count of three you easily erase all the elements of smoking from your mind and from your life. Just like erasing a blackboard. Imagine or visualize situations in the past where you smoked – maybe when you have a cup of tea – erase that connection – you now easily enjoy tea or coffee or any other beverage without a cigarette. In fact, you find that your taste buds work much better and everything is more enjoyable.

Maybe in the past cigarettes were connected to an alcoholic beverage – maybe wine, beer or some hard liquor – ERASE THAT NOW!

Maybe in the past cigarettes were connected to various social situations – ( take client thru some different situations—Either ones they told you about or just get them to imagine different ones by themselves.—Erase all the connections )

Maybe cigarettes were connected to work situations ( take client through some scenarios) Erase all the connections.

Maybe cigarettes were connected to certain people (do same as above) E.g. Imagine yourself with _______ imagine them offering you a cigarette. Notice how good you feel as you say “ No thanks- I’m a non-smoker.

Compound, Compound, Compound!!

Ask client to disconnect any other connections that you may have missed.

I would like you to visualize or imagine that your standing in front of a gold door….. Make it as ornate or simple as you like…..This is your Golden Door of Freedom !!! On the other side of that door is your non-smoking world, your world of freedom. A world where smoking is no more, in fact there is no such thing as smoking.

Others may smoke but you are cigarette free and a non-smoker—-making you feel extremely proud of your freedom –this is your smoke free world.

Are you ready to walk through the door? (wait for acknowledgement ) Okay on the count of Three — walk through the doorway of freedom and never look back!!

Now when you walk through that doorway you’ll notice something else— there’s a special filter on that door and it filters all the smoking residue of your past habit off of you allowing your senses of taste and smell to greatly improve! Did you know that smoking creates a need for sweet things due to the sugar content of the cigarette and this filters takes that need and filters it away allowing you freedom of the need for sweets. Ready now—1…2…and 3 Pass through and just allow yourself to notice how much better you feel! Now turn around –you’ll find a key there someplace in your imagination and LOCK that door….. then throw away the key into oblivion. Now your free ….free forever. just drift there and allow yourself to feel your freedom and notice how happy that you can allow that to be!…

Now all you need to do is have the right RMA,- the right mental attitude —and the way to do that is to act, think and feel like a healthy, happy non-smoker.

Imagine yourself getting stronger and stronger—this is your reality and even if that old outdated habit should TRY to sneak into your thoughts -those thoughts just getter weaker and weaker till they have no power left. When you see other people that smoke you know it’s their problem and not yours. In fact you feel slightly superior–not because you’re better than them – but -because you now control your own life and destiny. An object may have controlled you in the past —but no longer!If the thought of a cigarette should TRY to sneak in –that’s okay just take a deep breath ( or whatever trigger you may have set up that uniquely serves the client ) and allow the thought to change– to how much better you feel as you choose to stay free. The power is in your choice and you are in control.

Complete control of your body and mind. If you like you can remind yourself that you’ve decided that that old outdated habit is now distasteful to you. So remember when you see other people smoke you know it’s their problem and not yours! You now have a great opportunity to …lead by example…. to provide a smoke free environment for you your loved ones and friends.

(Go into a direct drive technique –here are some sample suggestions –make sure to adjust according to your client)

· I choose to be smoke free

· I choose to free of addiction

· I am free and in control

· Nothing an no one can tempt me to smoke

· I respect and protect my body

· I choose to stay free and breathe

Wonderful–you are doing GREAT!!!

Yes ,you are indeed free and no one or nothing can take that away from you! All the suggested you have accepted, felt, imagined or visualized are locked into your subconscious mind ….and your conscious mind now works for you as you make that commitment to yourself to be a non-smoker. A commitment to stay free no matter what the day brings –good, bad or indifferent. You have the power to stay free . Every day you make the commitment to yourself you become stronger and stronger. Allowing yourself to breathe and be healthy. You have the power of choice and every day you make the choice of freedom and to be in control of your own life–in your smoke free world. You think and act like a free person enjoy this world of freedom!

You now allow these beneficial suggestions to become part of your make-up. You are FREE and stay FREE.

( EXIT or continue with other script or procedure)







And find, you can allow yourself the pleasure of being calm and content in this place of ultimate peace and control…. As you drift easily into this place of tranquillity …. This place of self-control …. A place where you create your own destiny…..

Allow yourself to notice that you come to a place where all the cigarettes you have ever smoked are stored….. Remember that you are in control and completely safe because of that…. As you imagine or visualize yourself in this place you may notice it’s like an old abandoned warehouse… notice stacks and stacks of cartons of all those past cigarettes….you may even notice how the smell of stale smoke permeates the air… like the odor of old cigarette butts in an ashtray.

You have come here for a purpose…..You are here to take back your FREEDOM….a freedom you gave away to cigarettes a long time ago…. You’re here to take to take back your power….. that power you allowed the cigarettes to have.

You know that when you clean out this warehouse that you clear out cigarettes from your life…… Look around in your imagination and notice a large moving van pull up to the receiving doors of the old warehouse…it’s waiting for you to do your job….because it’s your responsibility to clear out these cigarettes…. So begin … do the job you came here to do…start loading all those cartons in the truck…clear out that old stale debris and clean out your inner space….

You may notice as you clear those cartons from your space… how much lighter you feel as the weight of the burden diminishes …. You may notice the air getting sweeter as the work progresses….. with each carton loaded you breathe more and more freely. With each carton you remove and as each breath gets easier and cleaner so your motivation and energy grows to remove every last cigarette from you life. Remove those last limitations that cigarettes represented in your life in the past…..But no longer….. Lift a finger for me so I know you’ve accomplished what you came here to do… (pause till finger comes up)… Check for me one more time and make sure they’re all gone!!!….. All Gone? ( get a response) Great!! Take a few deep breathes and notice how freely they come and take you even calmer now.

Great!.. You’ve freed yourself from that old habit forever …. Because you’ve chosen to be a non-smoker and from this time forward the power and control is where it rightfully belongs….with YOU.

Just stand and watch that truck in your imagination pull away…. Knowing it disappears forever, ….notice there is probably even a big smile on your face and for the first time in a long time you draw a clean….easy….. deep breath…. For now, every natural clear and easy breath you take gives you a renewed freedom and power is gained…. A control is gained… you made that choice to take control of your own life and destiny.

In fact right now I’d like you to allow yourself to notice yourself in a situation where you are offered a cigarette…. Notice how you easily say “ No Thanks, I am a non-smoker” and notice as you do a great feeling of pride and joy surges through you. It feels great to be in control… True? ….. (get a positive response)….

Get the client to repeat several scenarios in their life situations….

You now know that you freely chosen to be a non-smoker and you have the ability and power to leave that part of your past behind you…..move forward now…Direct your own destiny.

All right now. If you would turn around now in your imagination and notice the space you cleared out….. all around you are full sized mirrors…and as you look in to them you create yourself as you wish to be…not just as a non-smoker but all other areas in your life you wish to see….make them exactly how you want them to be…. Create your life how you want it…..

As you stand there, notice how the light from the mirrors reflect on you so that all the images you have create shine on you….as this light…your life shines on you. Notice that you can allow yourself to feel a deep sense of satisfaction in the knowledge that you have the power to create your own life….allow yourself to make it completely real now…Bask in the glow of the reflected light and take on that power of self-creation …allow all that knowledge to pass into your mind, body and spirit and lock it within you ….seal it into that place of calm control…deep within yourself.