in the meantime here are some interesting things about this Omni Hypnosis Course

What am I capable of after this hypnosis training?

After a successfully graduation, you have all the required skills to hypnotize successfully, and if you like, start exploring the field of therapy or applying your existing skills in a more efficient way. You can assume to learn and finally apply things yourself you have never heard of before or about which others told you that they would not be possible. Read the training content thoroughly and assure yourself. Laws differ according to country and region*. You learn a lot but, as the case may be, you are not allowed to use everything without the respective permission of your country/region. The methods taught are not symptom- but cause-oriented and hence offer the user plenty of room to act.

Contents of the hypnosis training

The hypnosis training takes up 7 full days (split over 2 weekends). The training language as well as the training documents are in the respective national language, unless otherwise stated. The videos of Jerry Kein partly contain subtitles (i.e. German, Chinese, Japanese…).

Get to know the new and efficient methods of hypnosis therapy without wasting your time. You will experience convincing outcomes for your clients. No more guessing around if your client entered somnambulism (hypnosis) or not. No more endless sessions without results. Here you learn, among other things, the Dave Elman hypnosis induction, silent hypnosis, fast and instant hypnosis for your practices, regression techniques, control of abreactions, the importance of the pre-talk with a client, functions of the critical factor and how to bypass it, the explanation of the mind model, universal therapy, the Esdaile state (hypnotic coma), Ultra-Heigth© and much more. Jerry Kein will repeatedly join the class via video.

Course curriculum for Omni Hypnosis

– history of hypnosis
– fast and instant hypnosis for advances learners
– Gerald Kein‘s “universal therapy”
– semantics/theory of meaning
– regression techniques step by step
– structure of positive suggestion
– regression examples
– pre-talk of a therapy
– hypnosis gestalt therapy
– development of rapport and therapy
– evolve the client’s goals
– hypnosis therapy for abreactions
– determination and suggestibility
– elimination of fears & phobias
– stop smoking
– testing suggestibility
– pain control techniques
– bypassing resistances
– armchair and deathbed therapy
– role of the conscious mind
– role of the unconscious mind
– methods for forgiveness therapy
– guidelines for a successful transformation
– Ultra-Height© & Ultra-Healing®
– hypnotic coma (Esdaile state)
– traditional classification of hypnosis
– exclusive video interview with Jerry Kein and H. Wipf
– unique fast- rapid- und confusion techniques
– secret methods for hypnotic inductions
– secret methods for hypnotic suggestions
– trance management
– trance deepening techniques
– measuring reactions and trance depth
– methods to achieve deep trance!
– waking hypnosis methods
– direct suggestion techniques
– conditioned response techniques
– how to teach self-hypnosis to a client (light switch technique)
– how to achieve hypnotic coma
– hypnotic seal – how to recognize and bypass it
– and many “live” demonstrations in class
– and many practical exercises
– and rare live audio and video footages

Overview of the hypnosis training

*Depending on each country and region, the legislation for the utilization of hypnosis and hypnosis therapy may be regulated separately. There are many fields of application that come within a usual “therapy” (smoking cessation, concentration, self-confidence, weight reduction, sport hypnosis, etc.) and can hence be applied easily. Each hypnotist/hypnotherapist can individually choose the topics to work with from this range. Many hypnotists/hypnotherapists specialize for a few topics and subsequently become known and successful. The term “therapy” might as well legally be defined in a different way according to country and Region.