Let me introduce you to the Concept I use: 

Heres the opening intro Video to see how we start:




So what is The Hypnosis Mentoring program?

Ongoing  training and guidance from me and colleagues to whatever end you choose

Split into two 3 month segments – you can take a piece or all- to complete Proficiency and Certification

It’s online-offline Personal Hypnosis Mentoring and Coaching to way beyond Certification


What is isn’t:

A bunch of Videos and scripts online that you can play with. And wonder what to do next


This is truly mentoring. I am with and for you.

Its done on your time and at your speed – but directed so you never waste time and only focus on what you need to learn and do – not what some  book or online random video says you should do

Think of the difference between having to go to  a  gym on their schedule

Or  a personal trainer that picks you up and takes you to a fully fitted out Private gym- just for you – on your schedule!!