The No B.S – Straight to the Point – All the News You Need – FREE Hypnosis Webinar


Jan 16th 2pm – Live



My name is Ines Simpson and Hypnosis is my passion – and it’s a wonderful world to work in, and be in. And I am offering this Webinar not just about Hypnosis – but to answer the basic question- ‘Hypnosis Really?’ “Is that even a thing?”

Well yes, it is a thing. And a quite wonderful thing. Let me explain in this FREE webinar.

Now I am not here to change anyone’s beliefs or opinions. This Webinar is for the curious, the cautiously curious – and for those of you who just want to know, and are prepared to use a webinar to find out.


What?: Straight to the Point Webinar on Hypnosis

When?: January 16th 2pm PDT, 2019

Where?: Register Here

Why: Because its Simpler than you think! And the possibilities are endless

I am not good at lecturing AT people, but I can explain, and show you real training techniques you can use. And bring you into an understanding of what this world of Hypnosis offers  

I am after all an awarded Hypnosis trainer and teacher and never tire of the joy of showing people the possibilities of Hypnosis.  

Hypnosis as a ‘thing ‘offers unlimited possibilities and directions. Check out this webinar and you will see. It’s FREE And its much like my Hypnosis Foundation Course I charge the big bucks for! The value is there. You will get at least THREE major things from this webinar. You will understand Hypnosis, you will know how to use it and you will know where to go from here


Who the hell is Ines Simpson and why is she doing this?

I have passionately pursued all aspects of hypnosis so that I have all of the tools and training necessary to be a world class practitioner and teacher.

• 2000- Hypnosis certification by the International Medical and Dentist Hypnosis Association
• 2002- Advanced Hypnosis training with renowned Omni Hypnosis Center
• 2003- Certified as a National Hypnosis Guild (NGH) Instructor
• 2005- NGH Board Certified
• 2006- Appointed Faculty Member of the NGH
• 2006 thru 2011- Created and developed The Simpson Protocol
• 2012- Inducted into NGH’s prestigious Order of the Braid
• 2012- Hallmark Award- Top Rated Instructor by Student Evaluation
• 2013- Certified as an Omni Hypnosis Instructor

-and one of my proudest achievement to date: – The Unique Hypnosis Pioneer Award given to me in 2014

2015- to present – focus on Simpson Protocol and expanding peoples awareness of the possibilities the world of Hypnosis offers

I am continually curious and excited by the use of hypnosis in understanding the complete human condition, and so pursue a wide range of work and applications. The below represents the core of my current practice, but I am always open to new ideas so please don’t hesitate to ask!


So This Hypnosis Webinar is for you if…

  • You have always wondered about the possibilities of Hypnosis. Here is you chance – at no cost – to find out.
  • You are wondering if there is any money in being a Hypnotist? 

  ( spoiler alert- there is)

  • You want the information – but not a lot of Hype and complicated explanations.
  • You want to learn something, you want true content -not some ‘pitch’ and empty fluff


Not sure if its worth your time? It’s not for you if…

You want to change my mind or argue the facts and the Science. I only want you to attend if you are open to the possibility that there might be something here for you.

You have fixed unchanging opinions about…well everything. The Webinar, you will see, in the end, is about choice and being open to possibilities. It’s not for everyone.

There is only one way to use Hypnosis – and you are going to stick to that because ITS THE BEST! In my training you will see I believe anything that produces help and great outcomes is a good way. There is never ONE WAY.

You think its all BS and dangerous to teach people wild things on the Internet. Well there is no BS and I know what I teach and its possibilities. There is nothing dangerous about expanding your mind and your options.

You’ve seen webinars before – you tried before – you just can’t make it work- you don’t have the right talent. Confidence, training and practice trump skill and talent everytime. And the word ‘try’ is an escape route. After this webinar you will know one thing – you can do it. And it’s your choice to do it or not. No TRY.